Project stats:


+1.000 Shopify stores


20 E-commerce categories


+50.000 FB/IG ads online

1️⃣ Why Unicorn Ads?

I made this ad library while reverse-engineering the ad strategies top e-commerce stores were using to scale and exponentiate their online sales.

After putting together all of this data, I realized this database was just too interesting to leave for myself - so, I released it for free.

Now, Facebook has given us the Ad Library but they've deliberately left out any exploration features in it - meaning there's no way you can look for the top e-commerce ads on your niche unless you make a personal swipe-file of brands.

Which is something you don't need to do anymore, because Unicorn Ads is here for you.

We keep a fully accessible database of the top 1.000 Shopify stores Facebook Ad Libraries, divided by relevant product niches and 100% free for you.

2️⃣ How are Ad Libraries ordered on Unicorn Ads?

We order the Ad Libraries by the U.S. Alexa Rank of their respective Shopify stores.

We found that more traffic usually means more and better online ads, as these companies see greater returns on online advertising - so, this ranking system is the fairest way of giving the user the best Ad Libraries we have on the database right away.

Also, we've pre-eliminated around ~200 of the top Shopify stores from the database after making sure they don't consistently run ads on FB/IG - this is our way of reducing empty ad libraries on Unicorn Ads.

Every week we'll add and remove top e-commerce stores from the list - adding new stores that have started running FB/IG ads, and removing old ones that have stopped their online ads completely.

3️⃣ Who made this?

Hey there, I'm Louis from Chamber.Media.

We make large scale digital sales videos that drive millions in trackable sales, tens of thousands of social shares, press features, and influence in culture - wanna check our ads? ">Go here 👈

Now, if you want to talk to me, you can hit me up here: louis [at] ⬅️

Let me know of anything you want to know related to Unicorn Ads, online ads or coffee - I reply to every email (spammers love me).